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Would you like to learn more about Exmoor?  Well then join us on a safari and experience real Exmoor: the Exmoor Ponies, Red Deer, Birdlife, and the Flora and Fauna.  Hear about the intriguing Local Legends and marvel at the beautiful scenery.


In our  Land Rover 110 Defender we will take you on a leisurely trail of discovery through steeply wooded valleys, by clear rushing rivers and over the dramatic windswept moors.


Measuring 9ft tall, weighing in at 300lbs, this stag was known as the Exmoor Emperor


No two tours will ever be the same, and we tailor our talks to your specific interests where possible, but some of the highlights include:


  • Using seldom frequented tracks and ancient bye-ways
  • Seeking out the elusive Red Deer and the famous Exmoor Ponies in their natural habitat
  • Visiting historic sites and talking about the local legends
  • Plenty of stops along the way for photography
  • Points of local interest
  • Pointing out the flora and fauna along the way


Our trips last for 3 hours, and your guides are born and bred on Exmoor with an abundance of local knowledge, so please be sure to ask questions about the things you see.  The safaris also cover the areas popularized by local character Johnny Kingdom in his BBC2 series ‘A Year on Exmoor’.


Our tours start from Dulverton, Exford and Dunster, with a pick up point in Wheddon Cross too.


Barle Valley Safaris has been operating since 1998 and carries 2,000 visitors a year to explore the Exmoor National Park.

We are licensed and fully insured.

The company is owned by Daphne Brace and her son Richard Norman. Daphne has driven for Barle Valley Safaris since the year 2000 and both Daphne and Richard have extensive experience of the environment.

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Exmoor Ponies

Exmoor Ponies